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Energy Access

Powered by know-how.

Our off-grid power systems, powered by 45 years of problem-solving and innovation, makes them perfect investment opportunities.

Victron’s solar-based solutions are ready to power the smallest homes to the most demanding mini-grids. Our robust systems have been proven to deliver time and again, offering unequalled reliability which converts into secure investments.

Guaranteed know-how.
Solid investments.

Victron’s proven know-how in off-grid technology provides new opportunities for both end users and investors alike. Thanks to our modular products and connected systems, we cover every off-grid challenge, from 200W to 200kW. Our deep knowledge in the sector means we have the confidence to provide a 5-year warranty, end-user satisfaction and solid investments for years to come.


Install anywhere.
Manage from everywhere.

Thanks to the know-how that drives our algorithms, you can track energy misuse, optimise your systems and resolve challenges in
real-time. Our connected products offer you perfect control from wherever you are.

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