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30 Years of

innovation & sustainability

Fronius solar energy.Energize your life.

30 years of Fronius solar energy

We are Fronius Solar Energy. For 30 years, we have been developing innovative products, solutions and digital tools to cost-effectively and intelligently generate, store, distribute and consume solar energy.

Today our name stands for innovations that sustainably enrich the lives of private consumers as well as the businesses of our commercial customers with solar energy – true to our motto “Energize your life”. 



Trusting dialogue with our customers, partners and employees is essential for us in establishing and developing long-term relationships. The certified Fronius System Partners worldwide benefit from regular training and support on service calls.

This ensures that our partners have the know-how they need regarding our products and solutions to offer their customers the best quality. This is also why the service we offer is not only first-rate but also the fastest.

Our service strength is based on:

  • Our international competence network with installation, service and sales partners and

  • Our 26 subsidiaries worldwide, guaranteeing together short response times and fast support.

Paving the way for a future worth living

From research and development to production: Almost all of our products, solutions and digital tools are developed and produced in Europe – predominantly in Austria. So they are “Made in Austria” and “100% Made in Europe”. We firmly believe that the close proximity of everyone involved is also essential to the high product quality our customers know they can rely on.

We verify our high-quality standards with tests under extreme conditions including extreme temperatures, humidity, ice, salt, dust and dirt, which our products and solutions withstand without sustaining damage.


The inverter generation for maximum self-consumption

The Fronius Symo and Fronius Primo inverters are ideal for homes. 

The advantages of the SnapINverters have been proven in numerous photovoltaic systems around the world. When it comes to installation and servicing, the inverters are innovative, straightforward and safe. The inverters offer extremely flexible usage while also having all the integrated functions for distributing the self-generated energy in the household in the best possible way and achieving maximum rates of self-consumption.

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