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How it works: As water in the tube is heated via sun rays, Thermal reaction occurs and naturally rises into the tank above. Meanwhile, cooler water from the bottom of the tank flows downwards into the tube, thus causes circulation throughout the system. This is called thermosiphon.



  • Simple structure, easy plug in installation
  • Cheap and efficient
  • Can be operated completely automatic if connected to the intelligent controller
  • Can be used in open areas



  • Inner Tank: Stainless steel SUS304-2B
  • Vacuum Tube: Φ58mm x 1800 mm
  • Outer Tank: Powder coated painted steel
  • Frame: Thermal double sided, galvanized steel plate with powder coating
  • Insulation Material: Polyurethane 55/60mm
  • Fastening Piece: Stainless steel screw
  • Seal Ring: Macromolecular silicon ring
  • Reflective Angle: 38° OR 10° to meet customer's requirements

300lt Non Pressure Geyser Stainless Steel

R14 530,20Price