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All models are single phase.
Action/transfer time is less than 0.5 seconds
Waveform is sine wave, without distortion
Delaying output time is 3 seconds or 3-4 minutes (function is optional)
The high protect voltage is 248 +- 4v
Avoid overload. Do not use the regulator beyond its maximum output power. When connected to any appliance with built-in motor compressor, the starting power is generally several times of the appliance's listed power rating. Make sure that the total starting power capacity of all connected appliances does not exceed the listed maximum output power of the regulator. For colour TV, calculate it twice as its listed capacity. Make sure that the regulator is of the same output voltage and frequency as the appliance. Make sure that the voltage of electrical source is within the listed range of the input voltage of the regulator.

2000VA Voltage regulator LED Relay Single Phase Auto

SKU: SDR-2000