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• High efficiency solar collector using heat pipes
• Copper heat pipes induce rapid heat
• Suitable for main water pressure
• 150mm of pipe in inner tank for ample heat exchange
• Patent connection design isolates copper heat pipe from stainless steel inner tank,  greatly reduced damage caused by galvanic corrosion
• Able to be used in all climates


Inner tank: 
• Food grade stainless steel SUS304-2B
• thickness 0.31-0.41mm
• Pressured Inner tank cover
Insulation: 55mm original polyurethane foaming
Outer shell: Galvanized steel 0.5mm
Frame: Thermal double-sided galvanized steel plate with powder coating
Reflective angle: 38 Degrees or as customers demand
Heat pipes on 150lt = 15
Element kw rating: 1500 or 2000
Guarantee on geysers: 5 years
Guarantee on controllers: 1 year
Spare heat pipes, elements and controllers always in stock

150lt High Pressure Galvanized Geyser

R12 032,40Price